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Lunch Time Injuries

A Closer Look at Break or Lunch Time Injuries and Your Right to Worker's Compensation

While it's generally pretty easy to identify work-related injuries that happen directly on the job, it's harder to figure out what injuries may be compensated for during break times and lunch times. In order to receive worker's compensation you'll need to prove that your illness or injury is work-related and that you meet other requirements for eligibility.

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Social Security Disability

Check Your Social Security Disability Claim Status

If you have put in a claim for social security disability benefits or know somebody that has, you already know that the waiting time can be extremely frustrating. It is like your life has been put on hold and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. You try to call to get the status of your claim but you are told time after time that it is still pending. This means that it is still being worked on and you'll have to wait to find out what the decision is. You won't know how long this wait will be, however, and you won't be told.

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Social Security Disability Budget

Handling Your Social Security Disability Budget

If you're collecting Social Security disability benefits you already know just how modest they are. As a result, you'll need to make yourself a strict budget to live by and when you do so properly you'll be able to enjoy life more without having to constantly struggle with finances. Here are some suggestions you can use to make your life less stressful.

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Apply for Disability Insurance

Increase Your Chance of Success When Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance

If you've ever tried to apply for Social Security disability insurance or know somebody that has, you already know how complicated the process is and how it can take years to finally get your case resolved. Even the easiest applications of cases involving obvious life-threatening injuries and illnesses will often be turned down when applying for the first time. Getting through this process can be a frustrating effort without the help of a qualified attorney that knows the ins and outs of the process.

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Benefits for Military Members

Social Security Disability Benefits for Military Members

When somebody has been injured in service there are not only health issues to deal with but lasting social and financial issues as well. As a part of the wounded warriors clause, both women and men serving in the military that became disabled on or following October 1, 2001 during active military duty have the right to make a claim for Social Security disability benefits. If you have a reading of 100% Permanent and Total you may qualify for these benefits and you will also find that the processing is expedited for your case.

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Approval Times

Understanding the Social Security Disability Approval Times

You have submitted a claim for Social Security disability benefits and it has taken months to receive the reply back that you have been denied. The waiting time is extremely frustrating and when you receive the bad news it can be crushing. Determining whether you are approved or denied depends on a number of variables and many people discover that they won't be approved the first time they make a claim no matter how much evidence they have supporting their medical conditions.

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