Social Security Disability

Check Your Social Security Disability Claim Status

If you have put in a claim for social security disability benefits or know somebody that has, you already know that the waiting time can be extremely frustrating. It is like your life has been put on hold and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. You try to call to get the status of your claim but you are told time after time that it is still pending. This means that it is still being worked on and you'll have to wait to find out what the decision is. You won't know how long this wait will be, however, and you won't be told.

Playing the Waiting Game

If you've just put in a claim for disability benefits be prepared to play a waiting game. Don't expect to hear fast results or even a positive response. Most first-time claims are not approved and you’ll have to continue forward to the next level. It's best to have a backup plan in place while you're waiting to hear whether your claim has been approved or not. In some cases it can take years to find out whether you are eligible.

Waiting is very difficult and frustrating. You should realize that you probably will have to wait for a while and have something else in place that will keep you occupied so that you don't constantly dwell on your claim. Phoning up and finding out what the status of your claim is day after day really won't do you any good and definitely won't speed up the process at all.

How Often Should You Call?

It's a good idea to place a call once every 3 months to find out what your status is. This way, if the decision has been made and you didn't know about it, you'll still have time to file your appeal. If you're being represented by a lawyer, he can find out your claim status for you when you request it.

If you should happen to make a call and find out that a decision was made you will not be given the information over the phone. You'll have to wait for the decision to arrive by mail so always keep your address updated with the Social Security Administration. If your claim decision is mailed to the wrong address, it can be disastrous.

In some cases once a decision has been made you won't receive information about it by mail anytime soon. Some claims are sent to the disability equality branch for a quality control review. At this stage of the game the decision may be changed. The person in charge of reviewing the case may find that the examiner working on the claim made an error.

The best way to deal with a Social Security disability claim is to work through a lawyer. He'll make sure that all of the paperwork is filled out correctly and filed on time. When you're doing it on your own there is the possibility that a mistake will be made and that your claim will be disapproved due to faulty paperwork alone. Don't take this chance. Use a lawyer that is experienced with the disability claim system and knows exactly what is involved and needed to help you win your case.