Social Security Disability Budget

Handling Your Social Security Disability Budget

If you're collecting Social Security disability benefits you already know just how modest they are. As a result, you'll need to make yourself a strict budget to live by and when you do so properly you'll be able to enjoy life more without having to constantly struggle with finances. Here are some suggestions you can use to make your life less stressful.

Housing Costs

Housing costs will eat away at a lot of your income so you may want to consider sharing housing with somebody else. You'll be able to stretch your dollar further when you only have to pay 1/2 the rent and 1/2 of the household expenses. You can stretch things even further by living with 2 or 3 other housemates.

While there are stories out there about horrible roommates, there are many individuals living with others that get along great. In fact, when you share your home with others you are provided with an instant social network as long as you all get along. A good idea is to try things out on a temporary basis only and then make things permanent if all works out successfully.


If you find yourself having to accept disability payments and currently live in the city, you may want to consider relocating to the outside of the city limits. In most cases the costs will be significantly lower. You may also want to consider moving closer to family members that live in a location boasting lower rental prices. Living in a less expensive town or city may provide you with more money for other things at the end of the month.

Consider the Climate

Cooling and heating costs can eat up a large chunk of your disability check. If you live in a cold climate you'll need to pay high heating costs and if you live in a warm location you'll find a lot of your check paying for air conditioning. You may also live in a climate where you need a lot of heating in the winter and sufficient air conditioning in the summer to keep you cool.

Moving to a place that has a temperate climate can alleviate these utility costs. There are some great places in the country where you'll be able to get by without high heating or cooling bills. You can really get more for your money by living in a town or city that has a moderate climate throughout the year.

Create a Realistic Budget

Take a look at the money going in and the money going out. If they don't match you'll need to get things sorted out quickly. You'll need to cut your expenses in one way or another or look for social programs that could help you out. There are a number of low income programs available that could make a difference in your life. Check them out and then add the savings to your budget.

While disability payments from Social Security are definitely modest, they are great help when you're no longer able to work and need some help. Take a look at your budget and figure out what you can do to improve your lifestyle. There are a lot of different ways to gain control over this situation especially if you're willing to think outside the box a little bit and create unique solutions.